Advancing into 2023: A Mid-Year Reflection

Progressing Through 2023: A Semi-Annual Review

Progressing Through 2023: A Semi-Annual Review on Advancements, Adaptations, and Anticipated Breakthroughs

As 2023 unfolds, we recognize the importance of intermittent introspection. Even though the year hasn't wrapped up and we're not penning down our ultimate reflections, it's pivotal to periodically assess our direction and alignment with overarching objectives.

Tightening our Digital Infrastructure:

Beneath our user interfaces is a fortified codebase we've painstakingly enhanced. Addressing errors of the past, particularly a significant memory leak rooted in antiquated code, we've bolstered our digital framework, making it even more robust and adaptable.

Optimizing Operational Routines:

Erratic software release patterns are now a thing of the past. Adopting a structured project management approach, we ensure each software rollout resonates with our commitment to user experience and team satisfaction. This transition may have caused some delays, notably in the 'LeasingAI', but it represents a decisive step forward. We're excited to share a suite of tools used in this ecosystem for public exploration, including our API.

Breakthrough Initiatives:

Being anchored in today doesn't deter us from envisioning tomorrow. Our soon-to-launch 'LeasingAI' is set to be transformative. Additionally, our 'Self-Service accounts' are geared to offer users unmatched independence, encompassing features from automated account setups to essential utilities like password reset mechanisms. Stay tuned for deeper dives into these offerings in upcoming updates.

As we voyage through 2023, we're eager for you to be a part of this continuous tale. Merging lessons from bygone challenges with the anticipation of trailblazing solutions, we're enthusiastic about what lies ahead. Remember, while our conclusive thoughts on 2023 await, the path we tread to get there is equally momentous.
Delving Into Our 2023 Journey

Addressing the Memory Leak
The challenge of the memory leak has loomed since around 2018, recognized by Fly the World's original developer. When we adopted this project, we were aware of the issue but felt daunted by its deep-rooted presence in the core functions. Pinpointing its source was an uphill battle. While we identified minor issues early on, their relation to the primary leak was minimal. Updates to outdated libraries, for instance, afforded us an extra half-hour of instance uptime.
As our user base expanded over the years, the leak's impact intensified. Reboots became essential every 6 to 12 hours, especially when RAM usage surged to approximately 500GB. Despite the cost-effectiveness of our servers, this was neither a sustainable nor economical solution.
In the dawn of 2023, we developed a prototype resilient to synthetic demands. However, its rollout was daunting, necessitating a complete server reinstallation and migration to a high-performance database. By March, our confidence in the prototype's standalone capability grew, prompting its release.

To our surprise, what was anticipated to have a 4-day lifespan demonstrated immense endurance. The nearly identical codebase impressively clocked a 25-day runtime just last month. This monumental achievement accelerated our focus on 'Leasing' and 'API', which will be the forthcoming highlights of this article.

Introducing: Leasing and LeasingAI

As we steer towards enhancing our platform's offerings, the progress on our leasing feature is gaining momentum. While the backend stands complete, tested, and verified, we await the frontend's readiness, contingent on the full support of our API.

What is LeasingAI?

Our LeasingAI is designed with our newer group members in mind. Recognizing the daunting task of starting out in the aviation world, we aim to simplify the journey for newcomers. LeasingAI will empower them to operate small to medium-sized aircraft at competitive rates, ensuring they also have ample support to address any queries.

Program Specifics:

  • The initiative is grounded in realism. Only existing aircraft will be available for lease; no new aircraft will be synthesized for this program.
  • Use of admin funds is restricted and needs to be repaid to the stock.
  • Stock availability will be capped initially, underlining our goal for the operation to be self-reliant without external assistance.

How Does It Work?

Begin by entering your FTWid on our revamped website, followed by completing the subsequent forms. The LeasingAI will then delve into your records, evaluating bookings, logbook entries, and other metrics to devise tailored leasing offers. While the AI's assessment can take up to 30 days due to the cost-intensive nature of AI clustering, the outcome aims to be worth the wait.

Once you accept a leasing proposal, the chosen aircraft will be seamlessly integrated into your hangar, ready for any task you set it to.

Leasing Terms:

Aircrafts are leased for a period of 30 days. Without a cancellation 14 days prior to the term's conclusion, the lease will automatically renew for another 30 days. During the leasing period, lessees are responsible for covering expenses related to repairs, fuel, and FBO.
LeasingAI will also debit all costs to your bank account.

Anticipated Aircraft Offerings:

Expect a variety of propeller aircraft. However, the LeasingAI also scouts for deals on marginally larger crafts. It's worth noting, though, that our offerings will cap at aircraft with seating capacities under 180.

Up Next: API 1.5 & API 2

For many, the term API might not raise eyebrows. But for a significant chunk of our community, it represents a monumental upgrade to Fly the World.

What is the API?

The API serves as a gateway to access data. Envision wanting an overview of all active flights of your airline to display on your website - that's where our API steps in.

API 1.5: What's New?

Slated for release on 31.08.2023, version 1.5 heralds substantial improvements. We have reinvigorated the backend using Redis and have undertaken a thorough revamp of the source-code layout to promote ease of maintenance in the days ahead. And that's not all - just a week later, 1.5.1 will make its debut, enriched with features endorsed by our community.

Highlighted Features:

  • Manager Endpoints, CEO Endpoints, Access Market Jobs: A coveted feature locked by Fleet Endpoint that promises enhanced control over operations. Thanks to Pushka and wakkie for their contributions!
  • Heading Information on Airline Live Endpoint: Brace yourselves for in-depth analytics into your airline's real-time performance. Credits for this feature go to Alpha

Aircraft Ordering and Delivery Update:

Following the launch of API 1.5, we'll be updating the "Aircraft Shop". Aircrafts will now be delivered immediately, eliminating the wait time.

Throughout the year, selected manufacturers will host "Sales", but be aware that stock might be limited.

For standard orders, expect an automated delivery process with your aircraft arriving in approximately 30 minutes.

Stay tuned for a detailed post on these changes coming soon!

Peek into API 2.0:

With version 2.0, the dynamics shift beyond data retrieval to also include data submissions. Imagine a scenario where activating a route is just an API POST away, executed via a Discord bot or a website – the choice remains yours.

Our vision transcends the existing boundaries. While we acknowledge the limitations of our modest team size and the inherent challenge in accommodating every request (even ones we're fond of), our ethos is empowerment.
We're handing you the tools to seamlessly integrate Fly the World into your ecosystems.
The ultimate ambition? Empower you to operate your entire airline using our API.

FTW Landing Page Refresh

After relying on the same WordPress page for approximately two years, we've decided it's time for an update. This makeover isn't just for aesthetic reasons. We are introducing the FTW-Leasing and the Self-service account creation features. As a result, an overhaul of the entire landing page was in order.

What's New?

  • Incorporation of the FTW-API: The new landing page will provide insights from the FTW-API, allowing you to view current flights on a map.
  • Airline Browsing: Curious about the various airlines? Browse with ease! But do note, due to copyright restrictions, airlines with real names or logos won't be featured on our landing page.
  • Design & Branding: Beyond features, we've given our design a fresh look, focusing on a cohesive color palette and a more defined brand presence.

And that's not all! As we expand our horizons from regional to global, our URL is getting a tweak. Bookmark our new address: and explore the world with us!

Yaacars Refresh

We have just finished a first small prototype, sadly it is neither good looking nor is it ready to be shown off. This software will replace Yaacars later in 2024.

Why does it take so long? Our developer has no experience with working on desktop applications, so everything will take a lot longer as with commercial projects.

Discord Bot

We will publish a Fly the World Discord bot starting 01.10.2023, the source code will be published on GitHub with instructions on how to host it yourself. Should you need hosting, just send Fizzy a message on Discord and we will get you going for free.

Changes to the FTW Discord

The Fly the World Discord will transition to also be the server of our holder; Aiena e.V. What does this mean? You will catch me and many other people working on Fly the World in voice channels almost daily, should you have questions or feedback!

2024 and Beyond

While development may be slow, we want to remind you that you cannot compare commercial programming and projects to this one. We are legally bound to be a nonprofit, which is very unique across all flight simulator addons and softwares. But we also do not have the funds to pay developers. Most developers do not want to work for free, let alone on a platform this complex and also old.

Don't worry, Fly the World will operate as long as remotely possible - there are no plans in stopping development, even though it has gotten quite silent around us - but this is just a side effect of having a small but very dedicated crew! Updates like this are very time consuming, but I will try to post one quarterly from now to keep you up to date.

Of course, you can always get in touch with us on our Discord!

You will read from us later this year and learn more about our plans for this years holiday period