Streaming Orthos in Xplane 11/12 HOWTO

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  • Moin

    As I had some direct chats supporting installing autoortho I would like to summarize in a short HOWTO to help others in this post.

    What is it?

    autoortho is a freeware tool, written in python, which allows you to fetch orthos while you are flying. e.g.: "the same as in msfs".

    Besides a "base package" you do not need to store orthoimages on your harddrives but instead it will download them on the fly while you are on your way. :S

    What do I need?

    You need obviously a fast and stable internet connection, Linux or Windows > 10 and X-Plane must be installed on a NTFS Filesysystem (FAT32 does not work)


    -> Step 0: Install Prerequisites

    First you need the dokan library:

    I would recommend the msi installer. ( Dokan_x64.msi )

    Step 1: Install autoortho

    Download autoortho and put it somewhere (I have it in my x-plane directory) :

    Version current in this guide was 0.4.0

    See FAQ below if you get an antivirus warning

    -> Step 2: Configure autoortho and download packs

    Set your "Custom Scenery" Folder and an arbitrary directory where autoortho should save its images (a cache)

    Download 1 or more base packages for every region you want to fly:


    After it says "up to date" your scenery folder should look like this:

    -> Step 2.1.: Configure `scenery_packs.ini`

    Move the autoortho folders to the bottom of your scenery packs (i.e. all your other libraries above, but the overlay before the z_ folders)

    Code: scenery_packs.ini
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/yAutoOrtho_Overlays/
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/z_autoortho/
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/z_afr_00/
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/z_afr_01/
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/z_afr_02/
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/z_afr_03/

    -> Step 3: RUN the autoortho tool:

    Click the run button and the GUI will disappear

    After that the Terminal stays open and looks somehow like this:

    Start X-Plane and enjoy


    -> I get an antivirus / malware warning

    False positive. Check this thread at


    -> HOWTO Run this baby with X-EUROPE / X-WORLD

    Its possible to combine it with X-World! :)

    SImply DISABLE the overlays in your scenery_packs.ini and put the X-WORLD overlays above it

    My file looks like this:

    -> I dont trust the malware warning and want to run it from source / without the .exe


    1. Download and install python 3.10:

    2. run the run.bat in a terminal

    It will download all dependencies automatically and start the program after it:

    Enjoy flying!

  • FAQ continued

    -> What happens if network breaks during flight?

    X-Plane will hang (unresponsive) until it can read that tile unfortunately...

    -> I get this! Help!


    Start autoortho first! (Click on RUN)

    It must be running before starting X-Plane

    -> Which Zoolevel are the Orthos?

    It loads tiles automatically based on x-planes mipmapping, so that it only downloads the resolution actually needed.

    Based on your Height and Path.

    From ZL11 to ZL18

  • XRoads

    If you don't like the default roads in xplane (as i do) you can use thisalso with xroads.

    Just run xroads.exe after installing the basepack and you are fine.

    You will get the roads from the orthos but cars/buildings etc from X-World or overlays

    Like here:

  • i installed the software per the instructions and edited my ini files per the instructions. i then run the autoortho app then launch xp11 and get an error saying it cannot locate a file can u help please